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COVID-19 Testing

Where to get a test:

  • In our office:

    • We currently have COVID testing capabilities in our office. Call us to discuss 

    • We have rapid molecular (otherwise known as nucleic acid or PCR) tests, considered the gold standard per the CDC: see types of testing here. These are not antigen tests, which are considered less sensitive

    • Turn around time: 30-40 minutes

    • We encourage you to sign up for our online portal, Mychart, if you have not already, in order to be able to download and print results for your documentation

    • Please note, we have specific protocols for visits with COVID-compatible symptoms (specific time of day, rooming, and maximum time of visit), thus if you have symptoms and would like a test please notify us before your visit. We do not have the ability to do a COVID visit and a well or follow up visit at the same time, in order to keep exposure to a minimum for the safety of all.

    • It is our understanding that tests for patients with symptoms or exposure should be covered by insurance, but we encourage you to call and discuss with your insurance company to review your specific plan.

  • Newton-Wellesley Hospital testing tent:​​

    • PCR test, appointment necessary

    • Turn around time: ranges 1 - 3 days depending on demand

***Please note, asymptomatic elective tests (not for exposure or symptoms) may not be a covered service by most insurance companies.

Other testing options:

Who needs a test?

Which test?

  • There are antigen, PCR and antibody tests. Antigen (less sensitive) and nucleic acid molecular tests (most sensitive) assess whether you actively have COVID. Antibody testing shows whether you had a past infection or immunity from vaccination.

Stop the spread initiative:

  • Stop the spread initiative:

  • This is a Massachusetts state-wide initiative that offers free testing to all residents in areas with high number of COVID cases. It is recommended that all residents regardless of symptoms or exposures get tested in these areas. Check regularly for locations.

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