Susan D. Brown, MSED, CHWC, PCC

Susan D. Brown is a cognitive behavioral coach and a licensed health, wellness, ADHD and executive coach. Susan is the director of behavioral health for Newton Wellesley Family Pediatrics, coaching patients from 3 - 25 years of age. Susan specializes in coaching concerns such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, autism spectrum disorder, communication disorders, video addiction, eating disorders and many more of the nuanced emotional worries and roadblocks that children have growing up in our world today. She is credentialed in choice theory, goal development, drive, meaning purpose, appreciative inquiry, strengths assessments and positive reframing.


As a member of the Positive Psychology Institute, Susan is passionate about the field of positive psychology. As an avid runner she has a particular affinity for sports medicine and takes a mind-body approach to many of her treatment models. She is active in the Boston and national coaching community, also holding affiliations with the Society for Sports Medicine, the Institute of Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare, Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, the International Coaching Federation and ICF New England.


Susan is also the owner of Parent-to-Parent Inc., a practice which has the goal of creating an environment where parents can be coached on the difficult aspects of being a parent and can develop a toolbox of parenting skills individualized for their family and their child's temperament. Parent to Parent's mission is to be a provide parents with new communication and discipline skills in hopes to foster parent-child relationships and enrich the parenting experience. Utilizing her training in appreciative inquiry, empathy and non-violent communication, Parent to Parent can be a place where Susan can help facilitate meaningful change in a family's life. Sometimes, it can simply be a place where parents feel heard. 


In January 2017, Susan also launched FutureDecisions.Org, a coaching venue for adolescents and adults to help in decision making. Susan broadened her coaching practice to work with adolescents, aiming to help teens with decisions such as college and future career plans. 

Susan has been in the field for forty years with training and employment at various medical institutions including Tufts New England outpatient center, Baystate Medical Center, Bronx State Hospital Forensic Unit and St. Lukes NYC.


In her free time, Susan enjoys running, cross-country skiing, kayaking, traveling and spending time with her six grown children and two grandchildren. 


Appointments can be made by contacting Susan at or 617-965-6700.

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