COVID-19 Updates & Quarantine Tips

New Syndromes & Symptoms:

I. Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

-There have been reports about a new illness likely associated with COVID-19 in children currently termed "Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome". Majority of cases have been reported in New York. It is thought to occur days to weeks after a COVID infection or exposure. Children may or may not have had COVID symptoms during acute infection. Children may present with prolonged fever (longer than 4 days) and abdominal symptoms including abdominal pain and diarrhea. Some patients may also have rash, redness of the eyes and/or cracked lips. The full spectrum of the disease is not yet known, but it is thought to be rare

-Links to a few articles:

New England Journal of Medicine

New York Times


II. "COVID toes"

-"COVID-toes" are a phenomenon also thought to be a presentation of COVID in younger ages. Symptoms include blue or red lesions on the feet. It is thought to be a late sign and patients may not test positive by the time these symptoms develop. 

-If you have concerns about any of these symptoms in your child, call us, and read more here:

*NY Times, New England Journal of Medicine

A Word on Antibody Testing:

-Boston Children's, infectious disease specialists and the pediatric community is cautioning against antibody testing at this time.

-There is still substantial uncertainty and variability regarding the available tests and reliability of results. It is not yet known if presence of antibodies demonstrates immunity and if so, for how long. Thus, test results do not change management - we currently recommend adhering to state recommendations of social distancing regardless of presence of antibodies until further notice. In good news, there are several research studies underway to understand infection and immunity better, including one on Winter, the Llama!

Helpful tips about COVID-19:

- We newly have ability to test at Newton-Wellesley's Hospital testing tent. Any new symptom of COVID OR close contact to a known case in the last 14 days meets criteria for testing. Please call us if you think your child needs to be tested for active infection. 

- Most patients have mild symptoms (particularly infants, children and pregnant women)

- Stay up to date with the most recent data and many helpful tips on how to get through quarantine: CDC, Healthy Children

Tips for staying quarantined and talking to your children about COVID--19

- Play in open areas like parks 

- Sing songs to promote longer hand-washing

- Cartoon to help explain COVID-19 to your children: Explain COVID-19

- Encourage friends and family to stay quarantined too: help us stop the spread and flatten the curve

Mindfulness and mental are vital at times like these. Our mental health providers, Susan Brown (Behavioral Health Coach) and Dr. Charles D Brown (Psychologist) are available via telehealth as well

- Mindfulness: Headspace

- Online painting classes and mommy groups: The Paintbar

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