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COVID-19 Group Virtual Visits: On hold for the summer


Join our providers for a 60 minute virtual zoom group chat through EPIC. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers live, hear our most recent updates around COVID-19 and connect with other members of our community. Led by our pediatricians along with our psychologist Dr. Charles D Brown. 

In an era where social distancing may be our "new normal," we hope this forum may offer a sense of community and that you get and share as much from each other as you do from our providers. There have been requests for virtual group visits for specific ages (i.e. a teen group, a new mom's group, etc). If you are interested call and let us know! 

These will be through our electronic medical record system, EPIC, via MyChart, thus will be HIPAA protected from the public. However, your name and face may be visible to other patients that join. We encourage you to participate, as we hope part of the value of these sessions is the opportunity to have some community connection. However, there is the option to change your name on zoom and/or to hide the view of your camera (click here for instructions for this if needed). 


On hold for the summer, will likely resume in the fall 

Is there a cost?

Your insurance will be billed for a consult visit. Per Governor Baker, there will be no co-payment or cost to the patient for telehealth related to COVID-19. If you get a request for a copay, please contact our office directly. 


Call our practice at 617-965-6700 to reserve a spot. They will also sign you up for MyChart access if you are not already signed up. 

At the time of the visit:

I. Sign into your child's MyChart and go to the inbox. 

II. Click on the URL invite in the MyChart message. (Do not go into your child's visit. We will be using a shared URL and signing in to your visit will take you to a separate chat room). 

III. We ask you to please attempt to sign-in 15 minutes prior to the visit time in order to ensure everyone can join successfully. 

Before the visit:

We kindly ask you to please read the HIPAA agreement by clicking here prior to joining the visit and then enter your name, email, your child's name and your signature below. 

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read and understand the information in the Confidentiality Agreement. Parents and legal guardians for all patients under 18 and all patients and participants over 18 years of age will each need to sign.

Thank you! 

An error occurred. Please try again later or contact us directly

We want to hear from you!

Interested in more group zoom meetings with our providers and patients?

Call us at 617-965-6700 

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